Top 6 Home Remedies For Dandruff And Lice


How to treat dandruff can be a standout amongst the most irritating things to manage, for the individual influenced, as well as for the general population around. It is subtly infectious and can bring about a great deal of misery, also extreme tingling and blazing.

Tea Tree Oil For Head Lice


  • Apply a couple drops of the tea tree oil to the influenced scalp and hair before going to bed.
  • Put a towel on the pad and go to rest of course.
  • In the morning, brush the hair altogether to evacuate all the dead lice and nits.
  • Tea tree oil has insecticidal and homicidal impacts, which implies it slaughters the lice furthermore the eggs. A 100% death rate of lice was seen in an investigation that was led in 2012 utilizing this fundamental oil.

Mayonnaise For Lice

  • How to remove dandruff with mayonnaise. Here are some useful tips are given below.
  • Rub mayonnaise liberally on the influenced scalp. Cover it with a shower top and abandon it on overnight.
  • Keep in mind to expel the nits that may stay by hand.

Listerine For Lice

  • Splash your hair and scalp in Listerine and cover with the shower top. Be mindful so as to not get any Listerine in your ears or all over.
  • Leave the shower top on for two hours. Wash routinely with cleanser.
  • Take after this with a careful brushing session to evacuate any outstanding lice and nits.

Olive Oil Lice Treatment


  • Apply the oil completely everywhere throughout the scalp and hair.
    Cover with a shower top and abandon it on overnight.
  • Wash with tepid water and brush to evacuate all residual lice and eggs.

Coconut Oil For Head Lice

  • Warm up the oil and apply it liberally on the scalp. Rub for a couple of minutes and cover with a shower top.
  • Abandon it on for two hours. At that point, brush completely with the nit brush to evacuate dead lice and eggs.
  • Cleanser and condition of course.

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